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Name: Sonya
Species: Neko
Sex: Female
Eye color: Bright green
Color of fur: Sandy
Color of ears: Black
Predation: Opportunistic
Food category: 2-5~ inches. Prefers: tinies.

Sonya is an attractive neko from the broken hill tribe. She has quite a nice figure and, like most nekos in her area, she doesn't usually wear clothes. She is a rather naive young lady, and tends to act without thinking things through first, although since meeting the vampire Tanya, she’s grown a LOT wiser. Sonya is empathic and ready to lend an ear to the problems of others, is very forgiving, and generally kind-hearted. She likes power though, and is prepared to go to some lengths to get it.

Sonya is an only child and spent much of her life training to become the tribe's next shaman. One day, she was sent into the jungle to perform a ritual that would bond her with her spirit guide. Sadly, she had the bad luck to contact the departed spirit of the vampire Tanya. As well trained as Sonya was, she was no match for the far more experienced vampire. She lost her mind in a moment of panic and Tanya overpowered her and took control of her body. Currently, Sonya is trapped in the recesses of her own mind, able to see and hear everything going on around her but powerless to affect it. She struggles against the intruder constantly, and has managed on several occasions to regain control of her body, but never for very long.

She is slowly adapting to life with Tanya though, often offering advice to the vampire or commenting on her actions. She always calls Tanya "little spirit", which tends to annoy Tanya to no end. She has tried to engage the vampire in long conversations from time to time, but Tanya isn’t really interested in making friends. Like most nekos, Sonya is terrified of nagas, especially the blond haired specimen named Crisis. To be fair, many members of Sonya’s tribe have ended up in Crisis's stomach over the years. Now that she’s living in close proximity to her, Sonya’s nerves have taken a real pounding! Crisis, for her part, sometimes finds it difficult to ignore such a delicious looking neko sitting so close to her. On the other end, Sonya is starting to feel some sympathy for Katrika and her crush on Anna. Emotionally, they’re much the same age, and Sonya is reasonably sure that Katrika won’t eat her. Sonya is a fish fanatic and could eat it all day. She’s also rather fond of music and loves to listen to Léa sing. A little compensation for being obliged to endure the closeness of so many predators!

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