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Name: Rodius Mistrago
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Height: 6 feet
Skin colour:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Other characteristics:  ?

Under construction

Rodius Mistrago is an affable, elderly yet tall and very well-built man with snow white hair and a white beard. Lord Mistrago looks the oldest of the council member, despite that status being actually held by Lord Teraph. For an old man however, Mistrago's body is surprisingly well built and very well-toned, with large Muscular arms and a broad chest. he possesses considerable physical strength and looks he could easily stand his own in a bar brawl without needing any magic whatsoever. It doesn't prevent him from complaining that his body is not the same as it used to be in his prime though, where he could easily, according to him, take on 100 opponents at once.

Mistrago was born in the world of xxx in a religious family, destined to become a Cleric of xxx he came to reject that path and was renied by his familly, stripped of his

A loud and lusty man, became a soldier to fight and impress the ladies, believing


He started his long and eventful career as a thief , learning magic to become a to blow away doors or unlock th

He became famous in the siege of Celbron

earned the name of "The shield of Celbron" = display of protective magic. Putting up a formidable defense and defeating all enemy mages one by one.

and rose to prominence after the battle.

Eventually the was called to the wolrd of Gathion to r

He arrived in the same time as his friend Tedomes Teraph and Fergo.

He is one of the magiocrat who witnessed the great destruction and tinkered the isolon eye

He speaks loudly, brash seems unable to listen and love to make raunchy comments and to laugh hearthily

he is borné, looks surpisingly short-sighted

and don't like things he can't comprehend. As such he has a natural defiance toward technology and anything he can't grasp

His magic is essentially defensive . He can create ridiculously solid barriers and magical armors, making him a loud, obnoxious unmovable object continuing to taunt

It is said he can whistand the blows from a furious giant naga's tail !

Mistrago is light-hearted, relaxed, loud and rarely shies from bluntly stating his opinion. He doesn't bother mincing his words either, or to make bawdy jokes, to the exasperation of his friend, the calm, cold and collected Thelandros. Despite that casual facade, he is a cunning old fox, with a good strategy sense and an uncanny natural ability to detect when someone is trying to sell him lies. He makes a surprisingly good negotiator, not very diplomatic, but often managing to get more than what he should have and leaving the other party perplexed at how it happened.

he loves alcohol and women and is a good friend with Baltazhar Gramon

he tried to compete in arm wrestling

In charge of commerce

Ps'isol magiocrat

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