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Belletia swooping down and catching Léa!


Name: Belletia
Species: Rock Harpy
Age:  ?
Sex: Female
Height: 110 feet
Wingspan:  ? feet
Skin colour: Fair
Feather colour: Brown, orange, and grey.
Hair colour: Dark purple
Eye colour: Green
Other characteristics:  ?

Belletia is a rather bad-tempered giant rock harpy who left the Ascarlin mountains and migrated to the Giant tree. She has long flowing dark purple hair crowning her face like flames, fiery green eyes, and a jeweled circlet ornating her forehead. Belletia's face is pretty but her features are harsh with eyes that often seems to be scowling and to pierce what she looks at. She also wears large metal pauldrons on her shoulders to protect the joint of her wings. It's an an intriguing piece of equipment for a harpy, as Belletia has obviously no way to remove them without help. The pauldrons are finely crafted, apparently light yet resistant and they seem always clean and polished, meaning that Belletia takes great care of them. Or most likely that someone with hands does it for her.

Belletia lives at the crown of the Giant tree, among a large colony of harpies. She possesses a very fierce personality and a large ego. She is well known among her peers for her distinct lack of patience and explosive displays of temper. She is very aggressive and strong willed, believing the world belongs to those who act, not those who only talk. Her voice is very loud and forceful and carries some considerable distance. Belletia prides herself on being a great huntress, and her favorite prey are humans she hunts relentlessly. She is a dangerous predator, swift and agile, and like all rock harpies, she possesses a moderately powerful wind based magic she can uses to deflect incoming projectiles thrown at her or to vacuum a prey into her mouth. This make hiding from her particularly difficult. For example, if a group of adventurers try to hide in a crevice, Belletia would just place her mouth over the opening and vacuum out what is inside. She tried to eat Léa one day, but was repelled by the giant nagaCrisis, the human's friend. She has held a grudge against the two since then, and will go to great lengths to try and snatch Léa to make her a meal.

However, Belletia possesses a surprisingly soft side to her harsh nature and takes great care of her little niece Mako, upon whom she lavishes a great deal of attention and affection. She calls the young harpy her "little mousemuncher".

  • Credits to Zoekin for the mousemuncher nickname.
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