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Marsha the slug girl strolling through a swamp. Picture by Bokuman and used with artist's permission. For larger version visit Bokuman's gallery. Marsha belongs to Timing.

A race of half woman, half slug tauric creatures. They live mostly in damp and humid places, such as Chidokai forest. Most of them are of a gigantic size, averaging a height of 70 to 90 feet. Their whole body is a bit special, with skin and bones that are somewhat stretchy. Slug girls are rather lazy, sleep a lot, and move slowly. The sticky slime their slug half produces easily allows them to stand on any type of surface, no matter the angle. They are also known to have an extremely developed sense of smell. With a sniff they can determine roughly how long ago a creature passed by, and what path it took through the area. All members of the species have a female appearance, although they are in effect hermaphrodites, holding their reproductive organs within their slug bodies.

Slug girls are dangerous predators: while they move slowly, they leave a hard-to-spot, transparent, and very sticky trace of slime behind them. If you just step on it, you may escape by giving up your shoes, but if you stumble or fall on to it, you will have a very hard time freeing yourself before the adhesive property of the sticky substance wears off. Needless to say that in the meantime, you are a sitting duck for the slug girl or any other nearby predator. Slug girls can also spit globs of sticky saliva over fairly long distances to glue their prey if needed. They are voracious and can easily gobble up a whole party of adventurers trapped in their slime. With all these sticky fluids and their ever-gooey maw, it becomes a rather messy process, as one may imagine. The slug girl's stomach is situated in their human half. It's elastic and can expand a lot to accomodate a large, wriggling meal. It digests slowly, and very noisily. Slug girls are one of the main predators for oozes, blobs and slimoids. They are mostly immune to the irritating or poisonous touch slimes use as defense and adore their taste. That great resistance to poisons and venoms also makes Slug girls an enormous threat to Miaxi. They see the bee girls as a sweet and helpless delicacy, relatively easy to capture with their sticky saliva. Slug girls are usually a friendly, if sleepy, race and get along well with dryads and chilotaurs.

Known Slug Girls

  • Normeda
  • Maasma
  • Vuni
  • Felecia

Slug Girls Sub-species

  • credits to Xmalis for coming up with the base idea for slug girls.