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two magic users dueling. Picture by Wenart and used with artist's permission. For larger version visit Wenart's gallery

Felarya is a world saturated with magic. It radiates from everywhere and even the soil of Felarya is magic itself. Mages arriving for the first time in Felarya can experience a serious shock at how little efforts it takes from their parts to tap into it and cast spells. Even technologically advanced groups such as Vishmitals can't ignore magic. They have to compose with it, study it, and sometimes even harness it. In Felarya, Science and magic are intricately intertwined, and some argue they are actually the same, and merely a different approach on how to explain, understand and use the strange phenomenons and traits of Felarya.

Study and Practice of Sciences and Magic


Study of the multiverse, other worlds, and different planes of existence, somehow related to Felarya.

Different types of Magic

Characterization of magic in Felarya.


The physical nature of Felarya, its origins, and laws governing it.


Study of the many metals, stones, or gems found across Felarya.


Study of the very varied fauna and flora of Felarya.


The Felaryan Dreamscape and how to use it.

Practical use of Sciences and Magic


Characterization of magically animated object and artificially constructed creatures.


Description, categorization and listing of different artifacts and piece of equipment found in Felarya.


Listing and description of different weapons specific to Felarya .


Listing and description of different vehicles and means of transportation used across Felarya.