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Rin. Picture by String fountain and used with artist's permission. For larger version visit String fountain's gallery

Name: Rin
Species: Giant Naga
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Height: 67 feet?
(head to ground)
Length: 201 feet?
(head to tail)
Skin colour: Turquoise
Top scale colour: Cyan
Belly scale colour: Baby blue
Hair colour: Cerulean
Eye colour: Sapphire

Rin lost her mother early in her life, when she was but an infant, and has been raised ever since by humans. She currently lives in the military base of the Miratans in the eastern mountain zone between Frost peak and the Swamps. Ice nagas are known for their extremely good control over their emotions, giving them the reputation of having personalities as cold as their ice magic. Although Rin does not yet have such control, she does have a strong will, unfailing determination, and a stubborn streak.

With a lot of luck she gained a human father: the Miratan Captain Falcon, whom she rescued. This early interaction with humans has given her a great deal of respect for them, and that respect, combined with Rin's affectionate and sweet nature, means that she has little trouble making friends, at least among those who don't hate her simply because she's a naga. Rin is agile, and she can form icicles in her hands and freeze almost anything with her icy breath. She has not eaten a human yet, which is extremely odd for a Felaryan naga, and only time will tell if she ever will. Her best friend is Caidance, the granddaughter of Governor General Binermas. Binermas sent her on a quest to prove herself, which she successfully completed, obtaining a sort of elder sister in the naga Terra and a new friend with the fairy Kiki along the way. Currently she is a cadet in the Miratan defense forces, waiting for an antidote to be synthesized for her friend Draytha.

Rin is the main character of a saga written by Randomdude: Rin's story

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