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Name: Pal Sebrit
Species: Human
Age: Late 40s
Sex: Male
Height: 6 feet
Skin colour: White
Hair colour: Pale brown
Eye colour: Brown
Other characteristics: Balding.

Pal Sebrit is a human in his late forties, slowly turning bald, with a bare patch spreading through his pale brown, often untidy, hair. He has fairly pale, rugged skin, a squarish face, and muddy brown droopy eyes. He is fit and athletic for his age, although the thick stubble on his neck and cheeks, combined with the deceptively sleepy look that sometimes comes over him, does not make him look particularly healthy. When working, he generally wears a dark green jacket, stained and in some places torn, fitted with many pockets; he rarely bothers to change it. He speaks with an almost incomprehensible accent of indeterminate origin.

Pal’s behavior is an odd combination of curt and casual, snappish and apparently relaxed. He has quick reflexes, a sharp mind, and does not tolerate foolishness from those entrusted to his care, though he is friendly enough when not dealing with a crisis.

Pal is a veteran and hardened explorer of Felarya. He does not live in Felarya, but his job takes him there on a regular basis. He is currently employed as a captain, co-pilot, mechanic, and security agent by Felarya Express, but he had visited Felarya many times before joining the company. He has worked as a guide and bodyguard on countless expeditions into the lethal world, accompanying treasure-seekers, foolhardy fairy-hunters, researchers of all kinds, campers, tourists, reporters, tourist guidebook writers, missionaries, and virtually every other type of explorer who has ever ventured into its deadly jungles. If rumor is to be believed, he has succeeded in getting almost 37% of them back out again alive, a truly astounding record!

Story featuring Pal Sebrit

  • Captain Pal Sebrit belongs to French-snack. Contact

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