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The double personnality of Kiki

Name: Kiki
Species: Crimson Maiden
Age:  ?
Sex: Female
Maximum height: 80 feet
Common height: 5 feet
Minimum height: 3 inches
Skin colour: Fair
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Blue
Wing style: Translucent blue
Other characteristics: Dual personality
Predation: Opportunistic
Food category: 3-10~ feet.

Kiki is a kind and playful fairy, full of life and energy. Formerly a warrior princess of the Crimson Maidens, she was banished after failing to prove herself on her trials and is currently living with Terra and Rin. Kiki is a pleasant companion, and quite resourceful in times of turmoil. Her personality is very impish and she loves to have fun, by playing tricks or taunting her enemies during combat.

Like the rest of her tribe, her combat abilities are very well rounded. She possess great magical skills that makes her a potent offensive spell caster. Kiki also has an extremely dark side to her personality, a side that when activated increases her power a lot, but at the cost of giving her a sadistic personality and a sinister appearance, more like a demon than a fairy. She becomes very dangerous when in this state and can literally slaughter her enemies. Having a split personality is actually quite common among crimson fairies who are known, and feared, for their frenzy in battle. However, Kiki's dark side is particularity strong, which might be related to an event in the past when she manipulated some mysterious magic crystals. She currently controls it poorly, and several times has even been on the verge of harming friends while in this state. At the end of the day though, Kiki is still a loving and playful companion and a loyal friend.

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