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Name: Nix
Species: Chilotaur
Age: 198 years
Sex: Female
Height: 68 feet
(head to ground)
Length: 277 feet
(head to tail)
Exoskeleton colour: Deep mahogany-brown
Skin colour: Dark tanned
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Hazel
Other characteristics: Short hair.
Predation: Reluctant
Food category: 3-10~ feet.

Nix is a middle-aged chilotaur, around her mid-forties in human terms. She has much darker skin than most of her kind, short red hair, and pointed ears. Her centipede body is mahogany brown in colour and she has several scars across her back plates from her eventful youth. She has traveled so extensively that even she isn’t sure exactly what world she is from originally. Not native to Felarya, she arrived there by following a band of slavers several years ago. Once here she "went walkabout" (as she puts it), found Felarya to her liking, and has been here ever since.

Nix has a rather soft spot for young beings in distress, having lost a brood of her children to predators not so long ago. She gets along rather well with the other races of Felarya, mostly because she enjoys a good conversation or "natter" as she calls it. She keeps an ear to the ground and usually has a good idea of current events. She has a great sense of humor and loves to hear funny stories. She's good company so long as you don't stay too long and wear out your welcome. She has a soft spot for liquor. Nix is rather fond of the naga Katrika, having met her at a rather emotional time in the young naga's life. Nix was happy to dispense worldly wisdom to the upset naga, and they have been good friends ever since with Nix treating Katrika like one of her lost hatchings. Katrika respects Nix’s much greater life experience and defers to her judgment. Nix has also met and likes the dryad called Drayla. She loves hearing all the local gossip from her, and Drayla's home is full of fat juicy frogs which are Nix's favorite food!

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