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Name: Frerik Mezzus
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 1056
Hair: Long, black
Eyes: Black (wears glasses)
Other characteristics: Athletic body

Frerik Mezzus is a very powerful human archmage who used to live in Negav, but left for the city of Kortiki when the Ps'isol magiocrats took over. Tall and lean, Mezzus appears remarkably fit and athletic for his very old age, sporting the body of a healthy middle-aged man. He usually wears a jovial and wide grin, and possess an amicable and cheerful demeanor. He acts a bit erratically at times though, sometimes becoming absent-minded and easily sidetracked, uttering sentences that make little sense, before coming back to normal. Mezzus is a friendly individual, a bit forceful but with a great sense of humor, and it's difficult to not like him. Behind this carefree behavior however, is an extraordinary genius and calculating spirit, with darker undertones. To him, research and studies are the single most important thing in life, along with his wife, and he will stop at very little to further his goals. He is mostly famous for his extensive studies of Felaryan fairies and is fascinated by them, so much so that he is married to one. Mezzus is one of the only humans who can come and go through the Fairy kingdom as he wishes relatively safely. In contrast, most human cities regard Mezzus as a traitor, with a huge bounty on his head, and if he were to try to enter he would be attacked on sight. Rumors of experiments involving shrunken humans and his wife may have something to do with that. Mezzus is more than capable of defending himself though, and, if some assassins were sent after him, they were never heard of again. Mezzus is also the author of the fabled book "Theory of Magic", that he donated to the fairy library, as a gift for their welcome.

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