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Name: Grip
Species: Human
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 6 feet
Skin colour:  ?
Hair colour:  ?
Eye colour:  ?
Other characteristics:  ?

Grip is a human and owner of the Travel sphere. Pale, with unkempt brown hair and blue eyes, he wears a white button up shirt, trousers, boots, a very shabby and dirty black frock coat, and tinted goggles at all times. Although he often just uses these as a headband, the world he arrived from had perpetual night, and Grip has never really got used to the bright sun, so he keeps them close at hand. He also keeps various strange and archaic devices under his coat.

Grip's history before coming to Felarya is a bit of a self kept mystery. What is known is that he came from an industrialized world, although one with areas as wild as Felarya and bathed in perpetual night. The level of technology seems to be a bit behind other worlds, but still capable of amazing things, like Grip's Travel Sphere. On that note, for whatever reason, Grip determined he needed to leave his native world in a hurry, using the Travel Sphere for a one-way dimension journey. Not long after landing on Felarya, he encountered Fenja the Jotun, who was impressed with the weapon systems on the Sphere. Fenja quickly befriended him and started a partnership in adventuring with him. He has now spent quite a few months with Fenja, whom he counts as his one true friend on Felarya.

On the outside, Grip has a sarcastic and cynical personality, with a dry wit. While not impolite at all, having a well developed sense of manners, he is still cold towards most people and predators. He can be a very good gentleman and is kind to ladies, but still keeps them at a distance. If he does start to warm up to people, he is still hampered by his lack of social skills. He can be quite moody and his mood shifts from day to day. In truth, he is a very emotional person at heart who worries and is hurt by many things, although he keeps up a cold demeanor to cover this.

The exception is Fenja. His behaviour towards her is much warmer and nicer, and more natural too. He does argue with her a lot though, and can get quite angry or frustrated at times with her irresponsible decisions and serious lack of restraint. Grip cares a lot for her however, and if anyone were to badmouth or threaten her, he would not hesitate to do serious harm to them. He also tends to be more understanding and receptive towards predators, as he's a little disconnected from most of the people on Felarya.

  • Grip belongs to Jaette-troll. Contact

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