King Trazix

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Name: King Trazix
Species: Lava Elemental
Age: Unknown
(Said to be millennia old).
Sex: Male
Height: 140 feet
Body:  ?
Skin colour:  ?
Hair colour:  ?
Eye colour:  ?
Other characteristics:  ?
Predation: Unwilling
Food category: 5-15~ feet.

King Trazix is a very old and extremely powerful Lava Elemental living in Mount Vylkren. Standing at about 140 feet, his imposing, bulky body seems to be made of incandescent lava, his face pierced by the two glowing pits of his eyes, and his short, well trimmed beard is made of fire. He possesses formidable control over fire magic, and very few beings could even use it in his vicinity if he doesn't allow it. He is largely peaceful though, rarely meddling at all in the affairs of the world, living a happy and sulfurous life with his wife the succubus Queen Faldhatée. King Trazix hates protocol and love to surprise his guests, sometimes receiving them in less than royal outfits, to the great annoyance of his wife. He has a great sense of humor for a king, loving to crack bawdy jokes to unsettle his audience or crack the ice, and can get familiar pretty quickly if he likes you.

There is iron behind that laid back nature however. King Trazix waged several long and dreadful wars in the past on other worlds, and has seen a lot. A natural leader, he possesses a very, clear, and commanding voice. He could issue an order, without even changing his tone, and people would begin to move before they even realized it was an order. He also took a part in the overthrow of the Titan king Alcazath. Those times are now over but he still enjoys combat and will duel every now and then with various beings. From time to time, the king and his queen will suddenly attack each other, seemingly out of nowhere and in perfect synchronization, exchanging terrible and savage blows that could shatter mountains. They will stop fighting just as suddenly, laugh the event off, and then kiss tenderly as if nothing had happened at all, to the great astonishment of everyone else!