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Name: Rev
Species: Human
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height:  ? feet
Skin colour:  ?
Hair colour: Different colors
(red, green, and blue).
Eye colour: Grey
Other characteristics: Long hair.

Rev (full name: Revanyan) is a bard who has begun to be quite famous across Negav. Famous for abysmal music that not even the most drunken of patrons care to listen to... not even the ones that are passed out! Some have nicknamed him "the bard of chaos". Rev was born the son of a trader on a far away world. His family supported him and his pursuit of a musical career at all times, never missing an opportunity to compliment him on his talent. This constant praise for his musical "skills" is one of the many reasons why Rev has such a huge ego, and an equally large amount of self-confidence. At an early age, he left his comfortable life behind, setting off to explore the universe, longing to discover its wonders and make his music known. He has partially succeeded, as his music is indeed widely known.

To put it bluntly, Rev was already a bad musician before he came to Felarya, but some think that the magical nature of the world has somehow amplified its "badness" many times over. Rev is able to produce sounds unique in the universe, sounds that are more than just out of tune notes, but actually chaos made into music. Rev seem utterly unaware of this, and is completely confident that he is playing excellent music, leading some to say that Rev is actually not human and possesses an entirely nonhuman set of ears. Although being terrible at playing music, Rev is a good natured and friendly person, who has knowledge about different worlds, and is a good story-teller. He rarely misses an opportunity to go on what he thinks will be a good and exciting adventure. In a world as dangerous as Felarya, one wonders how he hasn't ended up in a stomach yet, but somehow Rev's luck (and music) have always saved him, so far.

His carefree nature is in sharp contrast with that of his traveling companion, the tiny tomthumb bard Darania. They form a very odd duo, one being optimistic, dreamy, reckless, and a terrible musician, the other being practical, cautious, wise, and playing excellent music. Go figure... Rev also adamantly claims that he met the naga Crisis once, and that not only did she spare him, but that she loved his music! Many wonder how true the story actually is.

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