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name Thas Voidfingers
species neko
sex male
height 6 feet
hair black
eyes unknown
other characteristics: always wears a mask
Predation: Safe

Thas Voidfingers is a battlemage member of the Isolon fist, the elite unit of the Magiocrats' guards. A stern and quiet figure, his comrades call him "the masked neko" because he always wears a mask. They claim, in jest, that the day Felarya will see Voidfingers' bare eyes, something terrible will happen and everyone present at the scene will perish so the secret of his face is kept. Thas stays silent most of the time, only speaking when he has something important to say. He rarely messes around, focusing on the task ahead. He is often teamed with the hot-headed Ramtov Telekline, and the two form a rather odd duo.

Voidfingers possesses a strange form of magic, based on spatial manipulation and tunnels. One of his basic tricks is to create a hole next to him, plunge his arm in, then his hand would reappear at the exit of the tunnel, situated where Voidfingers wishes, and grab something, stab something, before retreating back. He has many other tricks at his disposal, but for each of them he must wear a different mask, which seems to be the source of his power. However, Voidfingers has no problem changing masks, even in the midst of an intense battle, his hands moving faster than the eyes can see. Some of those masks carry very powerful properties and are often named after them. Exactly how many masks Voidfingers possesses is unknown, but his comrades claim that his collection is huge, including some which he has never used yet...

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