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Name: Velvet
Species: Slug Girl
Age:  ?
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Height: 76 feet
(head to ground)
Length:  ? feet
(head to tail)
Slug body colour: Bright yellow with dark brown spots like a leopard scattered over it.
Skin colour: Slightly tanned.
Hair colour: Brunette
Eye colour: Bright yellow
Other characteristics:  ?
Predation: Specialized
Food category: 3-20~ feet. Prefers: nagas.

Velvet is a pretty Slug girl. Her human half is tanned and nicely built, and she has delicate features, a thick head of shoulder length brunette hair and bright yellow eyes with dark black pupils. Thick eye-stalks protrude from the top of her head and are always in motion, granting her a good awareness of her surroundings, making her hard to surprise. Her slug body is over a hundred and forty feet long, bright yellow with dark brown spots (like a leopard) scattered over it, and glistening with a thick clear slime that prevents her from drying out. Velvet isn’t too hard to get along with: she's patient, very steady under pressure, and isn't fussy about whose company she keeps, with one exception: she hates nagas with a passion! She also has a sense of humor and an excellent memory, and enjoys limericks, funny jokes, and good conversation. Like most slug girls she adores a good beer (though this fact is not widely known). She likes cool, damp places out of the sunlight with plenty of food handy. She currently lives in the massive stone outcrop in Bulvon wood known as The Bach, which she finds ideal. The chilotaur Nix has known her for years and considers the slug girl one of her best friends. They have the occasional argument of course (usually about Nix’s friendship with several nagas whom, as stated, Velvet can't stand!), but it's usually forgotten by the next day. Velvet also enjoys the company of Alestor, an easy going bolas dridder who travels widely and is a good source of information on what's going on in the jungle.

Velvet is fairly well known as a dangerous predator of the area, and one of the few that will eat smaller specimens of her own kind quite happily. She will devour any creature small enough to be trapped in her slime trails, or slow enough to be "run" down (Leopard slug girls are slightly faster than other varieties of slug girls.). Like the rest of her kind, she doesn't like salt at all and even uses the word "salt" as a curse! Velvet does not have many enemies but one of them is the naga Katrika. Katrika is one of the few predators who enjoys the taste of slug girls and will go out of her way to hunt them. Not only that, but she is responsible for wiping out most of Velvet's family years ago, when she ate them. Velvet swears she'll pay Katrika back for this one day and eagerly awaits the day the naga has young ones of her own. Velvet has a terrible revenge planned!

She claims to have been a mother herself several times in her life but won't reveal anything about her children.

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