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Temi helping another fairy with her dental problems


Name: Temi
Species: Fairy
Age:  ?
Sex: Female
Maximum height: 109 feet
Common height:  ? feet
Minimum height:  ? feet
Skin colour: White
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Green
Wing style: Dragonfly
Other characteristics: Light freckles
Predation: Reluctant
Food category: 3 inches to ~6 feet.

Temi is a kind and motherly fairy living in the Fairy kingdom, not far away from Kortiki. She's beautiful, with a friendly face, fiery red hair, bright green eyes and light freckles. Calmer, wiser and more serious than your typical fairy, Temi is well respected among her peers and is often regarded as a leader of sort and somebody to rely upon in time of troubles. Many young fairies come and see her to seek her advice when they have a problem. Temi possesses a strong curative magic as well as a broad knowledge of medical herbs, cures, and potions, making her the designated healer of the region. She is also skilled at concocting various spices to flavor and season food and good at creating dyes and pigments.

Temi originally found the young Crisis bleeding to death after being attacked by a tonorion. After healing Crisis's wounds she brought her into her tribe where she took great care of the young naga. Seeing that Crisis could not fly or use magic to hunt or defend herself like normal fairies can, Temi often worried about Crisis's well being, sometimes treating her as if she was a defenseless baby. However, when the surrounding area was being overrun by insect hordes which were almost immune to fairy magic, Crisis was able to successfully defend the fairy tribe from the insects because she did not depend on fairy magic to fight. Fleeing the insects the tribe moved west, to Nemyra kingdom. Being a naga, Crisis was forced to part ways with them at this point. But Temi didn't worry; Crisis had proven that she was ready to live on her own and face the dangers of Felarya. Temi continues to visits Crisis from time to time when she passes by the Giant tree, providing her with advice and recommendations, to the slight annoyance of the naga and the amusement of her friends.

Temi can be indeed overprotective, and something of a worrywart at times, despite the calm, composed and confident temper she displays. If the security and safety of her tribe is threatened she will turn into a fearless and fierce opponent. Temi is not above eating humans if she's in the mood for it but she remains much safer to encounter than most other fairies.

Much speculation abounds around Temi's seemingly impossible hair cut and how it holds like that, to which she'll only answer with an enigmatic smile!

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