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Name: Drayla
Species: Dryad
Age: 268
Sex: Female
Height: 143 feet
Mobility: Fixed
Skin colour: Green
Hair colour: Green, made of leaves and plants.
Eye colour: Yellow-green
Other characteristics:  ?
Predation: Opportunistic
Food category: 3-10~ feet. Prefers: humans.

Drayla is a dryad of the half tree variety. She's pretty, with large and beautiful expressive yellow eyes, a green skin and hair resembling large leaves. She wears an often sleepy expression. She has a trunk in place of legs and spends most of her time in the same place. She uproots herself rarely, once every few years or so. Drayla has a gentle and easygoing nature, happy, sweet and soft-spoken. She's a great company to talk to, and she always seem to have some kind of stories to share. When she is not asleep that is. She's rather lazy and spend a good part of her life half asleep, her mind wandering through the dryad network.

Dryads are experts at mimicry, and Drayla is a real master at it. She captures her prey like other dryads, by staying perfectly still and quickly snatching them when they get close enough, before they are even aware of her. Or, if Drayla is in a playful mood, she will blend with the surroundings, bend over, put her face right in the middle of a bush and open her mouth wide, waiting for an explorer to enter what they thinks is a cavern. She might cast some illusion spells to improve her camouflage a bit. She can also make rain fall in a not-so-small area around her which works very well with the above trick, makes a great defense against fire, and also makes her very popular among other dryads and plants. Unlike Crisis, Drayla is rather straight-forward when it comes to eating and usually won't tease her prey at all.

Drayla is lazy and sleeps a lot. Crisis spent most of her childhood with Drayla and the fairies, and they are all very good friends. Every time Crisis needs information on what is going on in the forest, she will pay Drayla a visit. In return for the information she will bring Drayla some tasty snacks she finds on the way. Drayla adores being fed this way.

Drayla has already shared her dryad bond with someone. A someone who doesn't seem to be around any more... but she never speaks about that subject.

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