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Name: Caylin
Species: Neko
Age: 45
Sex: Female
Height: 108 feet
Fur colour: Brown
Skin colour: Beige
Hair colour: Peach
Eye colour: Orange
Other characteristics: Has small stripes on some parts of her body.
Predation: Opportunistic
Food category: 3-7~ feet.

Giant nekos are rare in Felarya and Caylin appears to be one of a kind. Standing at about 108 feet with a slender, pretty and athletic body, she has a beige skin with small darker stripes on some parts, unkempt peach colored hair attached in a ponytail, and sharp orange eyes.

Hot-headed, stubborn and impulsive, Caylin is a pretty headstrong individual with quite a temper. When she talks she doesn't mince her words and goes straight to the point, without fear of appearing rude or offending her interlocutor. She's always daring and audacious, moving forward in many situations, regardless of the consequences. Should things turn sour, she's confident enough in her keen reflexes and developed senses to get out of trouble. Little is know about Caylin's origins but she appears to come from far in the northern part of the continent, moving south because of the milder environment. She loves to hammer that point; that creatures in the south have it easy compared to what it is in the north, where the fight for surviving is much more intense.

She does have a softer side though, as evident when she is with her lover Tinatalan. Caylin sometimes acts grumpy toward the scarlet elf, scolding her for being too slow or for eating too much without leaving her enough food, but she is clearly very fond of her. The sight of the beautiful and graceful elf dancing makes her heart beat faster.

Caylin is a deadly predator with senses sharp enough to pick up signs of prey from far away and her hearing is especially acute. She moves silently with feline grace, a sure foot and very precise movements. She is persistent and bold when hunting, not shying away from heavily armed prey or potentially dangerous ones. She acts nastily with her victims, teasing them mercilessly like a cat would with a mouse before finally gobbling them down. There is very little hope of not ending in her belly if Caylin gets her hands on you. The only saving grace is she's much less voracious than Tina and won't necessarily go after humans before animals. Of course if she's not hungry she could also capture you to feed you later to her lover...

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