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We need a disclaimer because everything in the wiki needs to be usable by the community and myself without fear of legal complications. It is a regrettable necessity, but a necessity none the less; the disclaimer is in place to protect the members of this community as well as myself.

  • Contributions of new ideas to Felarya are always welcome, however their author must agree with the present disclaimer. If you don't agree with it, please do not submit your work to be made canon, it's really as simple as that. By submitting your ideas for canonization (and inclusion in the Felarya wiki), you accept that, if it is retained, you are hereby giving up ownership of the idea. You will be credited with the idea in the wiki and anyone that uses your idea in any of their works is fully expected to give you some amount of credit. They are also expected to contact you about your idea and ask for permission, and if their implementation of your idea is not to your liking, you can tell them how they can change it. You cannot, however, refuse them the right to use it.

  • If your idea(s) made it into the Felarya wiki before November 15th, 2009 and you objected to the disclaimer, your work(s) will still be canon, but marked accordingly, appearing in red in the wiki to make it known that the idea is still yours. You must be aware however, that it means I will be a bit reluctant to build things on it, use it in my work, or mention it in another idea, as the future and very existence of the idea(s) essentially lies in your hands...

  • Characters are a special case here and will always belong to their creators, unless the creator specifies otherwise. Characters that are to be used in canonized stories (manga tomes, etc.) will be handled on a case by case basis, with the permission of their creator. It is understood, though, that once a character is in the Felarya wiki that you will not be able to have it removed, although you could prevent it from ever being used again.