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Name: Seliky Serela
Species: Human
Age: 8
Sex: Female
Height: 4 feet, 6 inches.
Skin colour: Very pale.
Hair colour: White with some brown at the tip of her strands.
Eye colour: Pinkish red
Other characteristics:  ?

Under construction

Seliky is an 8 year old human girl from Negav. She's an Albino, hence her white hair, red eyes, and pale skin. She's a very clever kid with a knack for inventing things. Her red eyes are sharp, she looks closely at details, and this makes it hard for anyone to hide things from her. She's able to tell one's mood just by looking at them. Seliky is kind and always tries to make others happy, but she is also deeply scared inside. Her body is covered in scars and bruising from being beaten by her abusive father.

One day she tried to run away from him, exiting the city and going deep in to the jungle. There she met the young earth naga Aurora. They became the closest of friends, having fun and going through many adventures. Seliky visits Aurora as much as possible, but when she can't, she spends her days going to the library to see her other friend, the elf Ti-yen. She loves to read the books there and this is also where she is educated, through Ti-yens teachings. Seliky has never found out what happened to her mother and why she did not stay to raise her.

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