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Name: Zil
Species: Tomthumb
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Height: 3 inches
Skin colour: Fair
Hair colour: Pale blond, almost white
Eye colour: Blue
Other characteristics:  ?

Zil is a Tomthumb and one of the closest aides to Lady Lesona. Many wonder how such a small being could rise to such a prominent role and the wildest stories abound on his account. He looks pretty extravagant, wearing colorful, fancy clothes, a large plumed hat and a rapier at his side. Little is know on his activities, but he is said to be in charge of Lesona's shady dealings and intelligence gathering. He presumably served various roles before this one, including that of an assassin.

Zil looks like a friendly and open individual, often wearing a happy grin, that disappears briefly when he is surprised or annoyed, only to reappear a few seconds later, and he always keeps his eyes narrowed to slits. He possesses a very quick mind, able to gauge situations in a heartbeat, and has a fabulous memory. Zil sometimes refers jokingly to it as a curse because he just can't forget events, including the most distressing ones. His disarming sense of humor, witty sarcasm and extravagant politeness make him a talented negotiator and hard not to like when you meet him for the first time. This friendly demeanor hides a cold and merciless nature though, and Zil won't hesitate to use whatever means are necessary to execute an order from his mistress.

Over the years Zil has become highly respected for his efficiency, including by Lady Lesona herself who is said to often ask him his opinion on a situation. Some also whisper their relationship is more intimate, but preferably not too close to Lesona's ears.

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