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Name: Artemia
Species: Naxyla dridder
Age:  ?
Sex: Female
Height: 8 feet
Exoskeleton colour:  ?
Skin colour: Pale
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark brown
Other characteristics:  ?
Predation: Opportunistic
Food category: 3 inches to ~6 feet.

Artemia is a Naxyla dridder, currently residing on Felarya with her mate, Ton. Their primary goal is to locate the final piece of Ran's gift of knowledge: the 4th piece of memory silk that holds the secrets of the universe and their species. While Ton focuses on uncovering information, Artemia mostly hunts and obtains humanoids to aide in their quest for the relic... not to mention keeping them fed.

Artemia did not start her life as a dridder. Originally she was Mia Xy, a lieutenant in the High Elven armies native to the world of Balaa. One day her unit was attacked by Naxyla dridders, who devoured most of her group. Mia was saved though, because one of the dridders sensed in her a potential host mother. After becoming a dridder, the captain Artemis, who was Mia's former squad leader, was offered to her as her first victim to devour. However as Artemis's memories flooded into her mind, Mia discovered a dark treason which disturbed her so much that the merging became flawed. Mia's personality remained mostly intact, but the dark parts of Artemis's mind were now permanently a part of her: instead of getting the best parts, the trauma had caused her to get the worst. After some tragic events involving the dark personality of Artemis resurfacing, Mia renamed herself Artemia, a constant reminder of the part of darkness that lurks within her.

Now on Felarya, Artemia enjoys hunting in Tolmeshal forest, but doesn't enjoy Felarya much, due to the bad reputation that other, non-Naxylaian, dridders have created on this world. Recently she unintentionally befriended Crisis. It's a rather one-sided friendship though, as Artemia doesn't like Crisis much and seems uneasy in her presence due to the size difference. Crisis, on the other hand, is very curious about Artemia, especially her weaving skills, and seems eager to learn more about her "half bug" friend. Ton has argued that Crisis might be useful in finding the remaining Ran artifact, not to mention food for their pantry, so for the time being Artemia tolerates the cheerful and rather invasive giant naga.

Story featuring Artemia

  • "Crisis". Artemia encounters Crisis and Léa.

  • Artemia belongs to Veeshan123. Contact

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