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Name: Xarmaroch
Species: Undead Cerberus
Sex: Male
Height: 50 feet
Fur colour: Black with red patterns.
Other characteristics: Has three heads.
Predation: Reluctant
Food category: 3-6~ feet.

Xarmaroch is an ancient cerberus who guards the treasure room on the first floor of the Jadong temple. These beasts are normally formidable foes; however Xarmaroch has been cursed and is now bound to reform himself upon his death, again and again, and the curse also prevents him from leaving the treasure chamber as well. Far from making him the perfect guardian, over time this has made Xarmaroch bored of his condition. Being undead, he no longer needs to feed, so he rarely finds himself interested in attacking adventurers any more, preferring to chat with them instead. Xarmaroch is a clever creature and even though he is lost in the middle of a dungeon he has managed to gather quite a rich database on what happens outside.

Despite that Xarmaroch remains a dangerous and very powerful creature and it is not advisable to piss him off. He cannot be killed by any means: after death, he will just reform in mere minutes. A bite from any of his three mouths can shatter stone, and on top of that Xarmaroch is an excellent fire spell-caster. Also, while he no longer needs to eat, his body and stomach are still very functional and he won't hesitate to swallow a cocky or arrogant adventurer to teach them a lesson!

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