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Name: Ashmet
Species: Succubus
Age: 287
Sex: Female
Height: 104 feet
Wingspan:  ? feet
Wing colour: Brown
Skin colour: fair with a slight golden tint
Hair colour: Blue
Eye colour: Yellow
Predation: Highly Specialized
Food category: 5-7~ feet. Prefers: damned souls.

Ashamitëth, usually called Ashmet, is a succubus serving as a maid for house Malachos. She has blue hair, a beautiful face with soft features and large, inquisitive yellow eyes. Her skin is fair with a slight golden tint and her head sports two horns on the sides.

Ashmet is sweet, soft-spoken and very diligent at work, spending her days dutifully cleaning the Malachos palace. She could easily come up as an obedient and rather meek individual but when she has an idea in mind she’ll see that it goes through, and will sometimes disregard orders in the process if she deems it necessary. However, few in the house Malachos would doubt her loyalty and dedication, and her judgment often ends up being the right one. She is close to her young mistress, princess Chalyssea and is something of her confidant. Somehow, Ashmet manages to strikes just the right balance between lending an attentive and patient ear to the temperamental and spoiled princess and pushing her firmly when she needs to. For her part, Chalyss trust completely her maid and feels rather bad when she disappoints her. Ashmet’s apparent lack of ambition puzzles Chalyss. She respects her though, and knows deep down she is the voice of reason.

Ashmet possesses a very large appetite, even by succubi standards. She is able to effortlessly engulf astonishing quantities of food and her cavernous stomach never seem to get quite full. Like Menyssan, she used to work in the pits and to spend her days eating damned souls brought to her in long queues. Unlike Menyssan though, she didn’t enjoy her job nearly as much. She found a much greater purpose in serving house Malachos and she is very grateful to them for the opportunity. Ashmet's huge appetite comes in handy during her cleaning duties when she comes across stray souls hiding in the rooms of the palace or a gathering of them. unlike most other succubi she never play with her prey, and completely disregard damned souls as anything else than food, instantly gobbling them up on the spot without a word. Just like with Menyssan, Ashmet’s enormous appetite fascinates Chalyss who love to feed her maid from time to time.

Her relation with Chalysseas’ mother, Lady Meralimexia, is much more formal and a little tense as the mistress of the palace is a stern and authoritarian figure. Even if she doesn’t show it though, Meralimexia holds a special respect for Ashmet for her ability to get through to her daughter and consider her to be a generally positive influence on her.

Ashmet is a better than average spell-caster. She possesses a powerful defensive magic, specializing into creating force-fields, walls, shields and magical armors.

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