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Welcome to the Felarya wiki !

This Wiki has been made to collect, list and order information about the fictional world of Felarya created by me, Karbo, in order to create an encyclopedia easily usable by artists and writers, where to find solid reference materials on various aspects of the world. It's essentially a guide that provide informations on what is cannon on Felarya, but for the most part it's not meant as a sort of absolute rule either. If you have an idea that diverge slightly from it, it's fine. The wiki is here to encourage creativity, not to stifle it.

The wiki is meant as a "read-only" site, so if you wish to make a contribution; a description you think would fit better, or a new idea, then you can contact me on my deviant art page or use the Felarya forum. Before any contribution though, please read the disclaimer !