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Name: Ajab
Species: Giant Naga
Age: Unknown (appears to be in his early 40s, in
human terms; his dark hair is showing some
hints of grey. This is due to ageing while
outside Felarya)
Sex: Male
Height: 112 feet
(head to ground)
Length:  ? feet
(head to tail)
Skin colour: White
Top scale colour: Very dark orange, with patterns
of deep forest green
Belly scale colour: Yellowish orange
Hair colour: Black, with hints
of grey (short)
Eye colour: Greyish blue
Other characteristics:  ?
Predation: Opportunistic
Food category: 3-25 feet.

Ajab is a giant naga, about 112 feet tall and over 300 years old. His tail is a dark orange, with patterns of deep, forest green scales; his belly scales are a yellowish orange. He has greyish blue eyes and short, black hair marked with faint but unusual hints of grey. These are due not so much to his age as to the fact he's travelled beyond Felarya, and spent time on worlds lacking Felarya's anti-ageing properties. Thus, he looks physically more mature (as though in his early 40s) than possibly any other giant naga in Central Felarya. His main hunting grounds are on the eastern edge of the Forest of whispers. Ajab mostly keeps to himself, and talks little about his past, though he has known Vivian for a very long time, and is thought to have confided in her a lot. He has built himself a small, very basic wooden hut, which he uses not so much to live in but to store large glass jars containing dried plant samples of various kinds. At times, he is nowhere to be found in its vicinity, having gone off for a long wander, sometimes to the remotest of places.

He is the forest's resident botanist, having studied many plants from places as diverse as deep inside Deeper Felarya and "two thirds of the way up Frost peak". He boasts an excellent knowledge of medicinal herbs, although he admits that the Felarya soil's healing properties sometimes render his knowledge not very useful. He also advises visitors on herbs that can be combined with various foods –including live sentient foods– to enhance their flavour. The fairy Temi knows him well and sometimes pays him a visit to discuss herbology. With most people, Ajab is a man of few words, and may even appear grumpy. But if you talk to him about his fields of interest –namely, plants and exploration– he will open up and will quite happily talk to you for hours. He has little or no interest in humans, except as an occasional food source, and almost never talks to them. He views it as rather odd to hold any kind of conversation with something you intend to eat. Recently, he entered a relationship of sorts with Jissy, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. He has spent more time with her since then, and become somewhat more sedentary. He is preparing for his parental duties which will begin when she lays her eggs.

Stories featuring Ajab

By the character's owner

  • "Story 24". Ajab's first appearance (towards the end), wherein we see his skill as a healer.
  • "Story 43". The beginning of Ajab's relationship with Jissy.
  • "Story 52". Ajab to the rescue?

By other writers

  • Ajab belongs to French-snack. Contact

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