Bulvon wood

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Bulvon wood

Danger: Normal
Inhabitants: escalnai slugs, slug girls, dridders, trapdoor dridders, bolas dridders, chilotaurs, arboreal frogs, oozes, giant nematodes, chorygates, gumamboos, dusk nymphs, drashigs, bogmog toads, pyrabites
Characters : Velvet, Fiona, Masumi , Markie

Located to the northwest of the Giant tree and east of the Lataran temple, Bulvon wood is an area of humid rainforest with gigantic trees, green with moss and many unusual types of fungi and molds. The thick foliage gives an emerald tint to the sunlight, and small creeks and streams are common here. Travelers are often surprised to note the many slimy trails that wind their way through the trees. These are mainly left behind by the elephant-sized yellow snails that can be found here. While these behemoths are utterly harmless, these trails are better off avoided anyway, as they might belong to a Slug girl instead, in which case you are in big trouble if you step on it. The whole place is rather wet underfoot, with moldy soil and stagnant bogs.

The Bulvon wood is home to many species of amphibians. Various species of frogs, toads and salamanders are common here, including many giant varieties, and there are insects and arachnids here in abundance. The forest is filled with their chips and croaks, and other, less pleasant sounds. Larger predators include mostly slug girls, chilotaurs, and many unique (but deadly) species of dridders, such as the trapdoor dridders and the bolas dridders.

The Bach

Danger: Normal
Inhabitants: escalnai slugs, slug girls, dridders, chilotaurs, groomers
Characters : Nix

The feature the Bulvon wood is most famous for is the massive grey stone outcrop know to the locals as "The Bach". Standing around 1,000 feet high, it forms a huge stony spear stabbing into the surrounding jungle. It's near vertical grey stone walls have many deep cracks and fissures in them, providing a safe refuge for many creatures. The base of the Bach has been undermined by the wind and burrowed into by a variety of races. By common consent the Bach is neutral ground and it's not uncommon to find races that would be enemies anywhere else sheltering together. Most are outcasts from their own societies. The Bach is its own little community with many species living here. Notably, the Bach is the home of a dangerous slug girl called Velvet. Reports tell of some tunnels leading deep under the base of "The Bach", but no human has ever explored them fully and lived to tell about it.

The crest of the Bach is overgrown with a forest that has been isolated for thousands of years, and has its own strange forms of life. Very little is known about it. Some Chordoni harpies sometimes roost there on their way to visit their naga friend Vivian, but they never stay long. They say the place makes them feel "uncomfortable". Considering how formidable a full grown harpy can be, that's cause for concern!

  • credits to Zoekin for the Bulvon wood and Bach idea.