Trapdoor Dridders

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A species of dridders sometimes referred to as leaper dridders. They are a secretive lot, hiding in the dark corners of Bulvon wood and the dridder forest. They have a particular way of hunting that consists of digging themselves burrows, and standing inside them, concealed behind a thin wall of some sort, usually silk with dirt, leaves, and plants glued to it. When prey is close enough to the mouth of the burrow, they leap at lightning speeds to snatch it. They also possess excellent hearing to help them locate their prey from underground and the ability to recognize each prey item by their distinctive sound and vibrations. Trapdoors dridders have extremely strong legs to help them dig and leap. It must be noted that this allows them to jump to impressive heights or lengths as well, with no momentum needed, similar to sandfall lurkers, although to a lesser extent. This means that if you avoided being caught when the creature leaped from its burrow, you are not off the hook yet. Trapdoors dridders are often reclusive, solitary, and rather grumpy too. They don't share the hatred for nagas that the rest of their kind has though.

  • Credits goes to Zoekin for the Trapdoor dridders.