Bolas Dridders

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Ciel, the bolas dridder. Picture by Lyiba-MoonEyes and used with artist's permission. For larger version visit lyiba-mooneyes' gallery. Ciel belongs to Asuroth.

This particular species of dridders can mostly be found in Bulvon wood. They are a giant species, about 110 feet high, but unlike the rest of their kind, their venom is rather weak and rarely lethal. Thus Bolas dridders are more cautious in general, less boastful, and less prone to seek confrontation than their cousins. They are not fierce warriors and prefer stealth and guile over might. They have an easygoing reputation and befriending them is not too hard, as long as you are not prey. They live mostly in the canopy of the giant trees where they jump from one branch to another with amazing agility. They are very skilled with their silk, that they can use as a sticky lasso or as a bungee cord. It's as natural as breathing for them, and most of the time a bolas dridder will use it without even thinking. Moreover Bolas dridders possess a sort of link with their silk. For example, they can immediately feel if something touch it, no matter how far away it is and even if they are not physically connected to it. They can also animate it to a certain extent, making the trajectory of a silk lasso hard to predict, and some of them can even imbue their silk with various magical properties. This makes Bolas dridders tough opponents, unpredictable, and full of ruses and surprises. Bolas dridders have a novel way of hunting: they stalk travelers from high above, and "fish" for them with long lines of silk that have sticky globules on the end. It's not uncommon for a Bolas to successfully decimate a party of travelers one by one without them ever seeing their companions disappear.

Known Bolas Dridders

  • Credits to Zoekin for the Bolas dridders idea and to Shaman for the animated silk idea.