Dusk Nymphs

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A crossbreed between darkness elementals and fairies. Dusk Nymphs usually begin their life in dark places such as Evernight forest and Sunfall thicket, but are known to wander a lot and are found in many places. Their skin is pure black in color and contrasts strikingly with their red eyes. Their hair is typically a dark color of some sort, although blazing red haired nymphs exist as well. Their body is surrounded by a faint halo that glows red, giving them a menacing look. Dusk nymphs are deadly creatures indeed; fortunately they are very rare, as darkness elementals are rare themselves. Contrary to popular belief, dusk nymphs don't die if exposed to intense light, they simply deeply dislike it, just as they dislike complete darkness. This typically makes them creatures of the night.

One of their most scary traits is their ability to turn themselves into a shadow. It allows the fairy to slip in and out of places with ease, binding themselves to the shadows of travelers, which allows the fairy to follow the travelers even if they walk into direct sunlight. Then, when night falls, the unlucky traveler (unaware of their "passenger") is promptly eaten. Moreover, dusk nymphs often live and hunt in small packs, and several of them can hide in a single shadow. They love playing games with their prey, like stalking a group of wandering adventurers and picking them off one by one under the cover of darkness. Once, a dusk nymph caused a great panic in Negav and ate several citizens before being chased away. For some reason, this kind of fairy appears to be totally immune to the effect of the The Isolon Eye, the main defense of the city. Even the Ps'isol magiocrats are utterly clueless as to the reasons for this immunity ...

  • Credits to Melancholy-Melody13 for the Dusk nymphs idea.