Namambra jungle

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Danger: Normal
Inhabitants: Achigates, nagas, arboreal frogs, pantaurs

The Nanambra jungle is situated far in the north east, past the Oloonde lakeland. To this day it remains one of the most uncharted region of the whole continent. It's nowhere near as dangerous as the jungle of perils or the Green hell but the extremely thick vegetation make navigation very complex. Plants in the Namambra jungle are un-naturally resilient and robust, and many are able to regrow in a matter of hours after they have been cut.

At ground level the vegetation is thick with low trees bearing a very dense foliage, creating a massive and almost un-penetrable ceiling of leaves and branches. It blankets the area in a deep, damp darkness, broken only by some rare and small wells of light managing to find their way through the canopy where it's less dense. In thicker areas, when a violent rainstorm breaks out above the Nanambra jungle, it takes long minutes before the first drops of water manages to reach the ground. The mossy and moldy floor is slippery, uneven, with slopes, small cliffs and treacherous ravines. The air is hot and very muggy.

Many predatory creatures and monsters can be found in this place, often hiding in wait within the ceiling of leaves and snatching an unexpected prey off the ground at a moment notice. However there are a lot less giant predators roaming around than in many others parts of Felarya, simply because of the lack of space for them to maneuver around. Those who live here tend to be notably smaller than their counterpart in Tolmeshal forest. The Namambra jungle is also the place with the largest achigate population of the known areas of Felarya. They are essentially gigantic but harmless and placid herbivores. Tales of humans getting unwittingly swallowed because they were hiding in the foliage an achigate was munching on are not unheard of, though.