Jungle of perils

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The Jungle of perils

Danger: High
Sub zones: Crimson woods
Inhabitants: demon harpies, bramble dryads, land urchins, scarlet elves, crimson maidens, stormseekers, bloodclaw apes, clobbersaurus

When you enter the Jungle of Perils, you immediately know it, as all the vegetation is bright red in color as are most of its inhabitants. This jungle is probably one of the few places in universe where you can find so many different tones of red. Some believe it must be something in the soil that give this hue to any plants growing there. For an adventurer, suddenly seeing this scarlet wall stretching forever in all directions is very confusing, almost to the point of putting one into a daze. It usually takes days to get used to the sheer redness of it. Very aggressive creatures roam here and they are far more concentrated than in the rest of Felarya. The Jungle of Peril is literally brimming with predators, leading to much harsher natural selection than normal. Attacks here are always very swift, coming from the land, the air, and even underground, and the attacks themselves are magical, physical, or both. Surviving here is all but impossible for normal humans. The rare adventurers who dares walk through this jungle usually have a brutally short trek, finding themselves swallowed without ever seeing what is eating them.

Crimson woods

Danger: Very High
Inhabitants: crimson maidens, echydins

The Crimson wood is an area deep in the Jungle of Peril, home of the fairy tribe known as the crimson maidens. It's name is derived from the leaves of the trees that grow in the area, which shimmer from within as if containing fire, filling the forest with an eerie glow at night. Very little is known about the wood due to the legendary ferocity of these fairies and the high number of magical defenses which violently kills any creature that strays too close. Even the strongest predators know it's best to avoid this place, the decaying corpses of those who attempted to feed on the crimson fairies giving them additional incentive. Many adventurers have attempted to enter the Crimson Wood, seeking the magical gemstones and fabulous treasures rumored to lie within. Very few have made it inside the wood, and those who did only ended up in the stomach of one of its inhabitants. What little is known about the interior of the Crimson wood has come from the few fairies which have been mortally wounded on their proving quest and have been interrogated before their deaths. They all have described a peaceful and quiet place, where the Crimson Maidens live in harmony with their environment and obey the commands of their leader, Alsherala.

  • Credits goes to Randomdude for the design and idea of Crimson woods.