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Danger: Very High to Legendary

The "Green hell", "the Green abyss", "the Death jungle" (or the "beautifully savage and proud, pristine, untamed rainforest of the north" as the Felaryan tourism Guild calls it) are names given to an enormous, slightly elevated, zone north of the charted map. This huge land has been very scarcely mapped at all, as it is both perilous in the extreme and quite confusing. For some strange reason, casting dimensional magic in the Green Hell often leads to unpredictable and potentially disastrous consequences, making the use of portals and magical gates almost impossible. Thus, very little can be said about this place besides that it's very very hostile, even by Felaryan standards, and that the more you go up to the North, the more dangerous it seems to become, as absurd as this sounds when you are already familiar with the regions close to its borders.

Not only can plenty of giant hybrids such as nagas be found there, but plenty of monsters that eat them as well. Small creatures like humans find themselves desperately low on the food chain here. Even what passes for herbivores in this terrible place seem to have evolved into bizarre, tough, armored raging behemoths adapted for extreme survival, and more than capable of running into a tank and toppling it. Plenty of those so-called herbivores are highly destructive and while they're mainly vegetarian, most of them are perfectly capable of processing higher energy food, which they do at the slightest provocation. The Green Hell's landscape changes quite often, due to frequent and strange green forest fires that sweep through the landscape. As a result, many trees have developed some sort of defense against it, and the forest soil possesses a thick layer of rich ash-fortified humus. Combined with Felarya's vitalizing soil, it allows plants to grow much faster than they should, creating a staggering rate of renewal after every forest fire. There are many swamp regions across the the Green hell as well. Where the trees are cleared, water tends to promptly gather, pool, and then swiftly stagnate, to the benefit of numerous varieties of insects and fungi. Even the trees seem to exude a greenish vapor that extends far above the canopy, coloring the lower clouds and partly giving this land its name.

In Felarya, proposing a deal to a party of adventurers or mercenaries involving entering the green hell will most likely be seen as a joke that will give them a good laugh... and will make them avoid you like the plague once they realize you are actually being serious.

  • Credits to Stabs for helping with the description.