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While not native to Felarya, due to their habit of inter-dimensional exploring they frequently find themselves passing through this world or residing here for short periods of time. Naxyla dridders are not a natural species. They were artificially created by an advanced civilization thousands years ago on the world of Naxyla as a means of information extraction and for use in covert ops. However, with the sudden end of that civilization, the Naxyla dridders came into their own and became the planet's dominant life-form. Despite their new role on the planet, their growth is still restricted by the genetic shackles placed on them countless eons ago. Only one male is born per hundred females, considerably slowing population growth. Furthermore, female Naxyla dridders are actually created from a "Host Mother" and not born naturally. This is a humanoid prey who, rather then being consumed, is instinctively deemed to be worthy of transformation and is converted into a dridder through a semi-lengthy process. This means that while the dridder's lower half is like a spider, the upper half is the same type as the host species. For example, if the host mother was an elf, the resulting dridder will have an upper half that is also elven. If the host mother was a neko, then the upper half of the resulting dridder will be a neko, and likewise for all humanoid species.

Naxyla dridders also have unique feeding needs. While they need sustenance for their bodies, they also need sustenance for their minds. Naxyla dridders, when consuming their prey whole (this is achieved via a special shrinking venom), also absorb the memories and thoughts of their victim. This allows the dridder, in theory, to know everything the ingested prey knows... however to get all of the information involves a much slower digestion phase and potentially opens up the Naxyla dridder to what is know as "personality imprint"... in other words, a risk that the absorbed thoughts and memories could overwrite or merge with the existing personality. This can be avoided with training, but still this method is generally avoided by most Naxyla dridders. Naxyla dridders usually display much less cruelty than their Felaryan counterparts and turn themselves more toward arts and studies than war.

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