Floating field

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Danger: Special
Inhabitants: Various

In Felarya there are times when the tearing of the dimensions caused by the vanishing lands leaves permanent scars upon the land. Sometimes the scars aren't visible, yet they still have an effect. One such instance is the cause of the Floating field, the name not referring to any grass, but instead to the unstable gravity there. It is the result of a brief but destructive warp shift in which a section of space was shifted inside the gravitational field of Felarya.

Normally this would have resulted in a gravitational shock wave as the forces balanced, but in this case the rift, though not physically accessible, has never fully closed. As a result the zero g field remains, drifting slowly throughout the world of Felarya. Measuring several square kilometers in size, anyone entering this zone becomes weightless, a side effect of the conflicting gravities from Felarya and the rift. People find find moving in the field to be much more difficult unless they move by leaping, or fly like harpies, who find the field to be an ideal hunting ground. Nagas however avoid the zone like the plague, as their movement relies on gravity holding them to the ground. When they enter the zone they find themselves practically immobile unless they use their hands to claw themselves along.

Fortunately for them the field is constantly shifting, and no naga could ever be trapped there for more than a few hours.

  • Credits to Rythmear for the idea and concept.