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A centauress tranquilly strolling in the Moyuk hills.

Centaurs are half human, half horse people. They are not very numerous on Felarya but they are concentrated in some places such as the great rocky fields and the Moyuk hills. Several species of centaurs exist, most of them giants, and most are somewhere between 90 and 130 feet tall. Felaryan centaurs are fearsome creatures. They have a voracious appetite and often attack caravans of travelers. Their speed makes any escape almost impossible: most vehicles are easily outrun and centaurs can feel the faintest vibrations of the ground, allowing them to locate prey miles away. The sight of a giant centaur galloping at full speed is a spectacle you never forget and the tremors they produce when their hooves hit the ground are absolutely terrifying. When hunting, centaurs either catch prey with their hands, or simply lean forward, mouth wide open to gobble up victims on the ground, tongue licking the ground behind them, pretty much in the same way horses might graze in a field. Unlike most other hybrid creatures in Felarya, centaurs have their stomach situated in their animal part, which means it's huge. It would take dozens of humans to fill it, although centaurs will eat just about any creature small enough to be swallowed. When digesting a meal, a centaur will fall asleep, usually for a whole day. Some centaurs master a powerful shamanic elemental magic but they are thankfully rare.

Centaurs Sub-species