Moyuk hills

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Danger: normal
Sub zones: Rosic neko village
Inhabitants: Centaurs

The Moyuk hills is a hilly expanse located north-east of the Ixtapal marshes and east of Frost peak. It is generally a pleasant place due to its lush vegetation, watered by the many rivers that flow down from the mountains. It's also one of the best places besides the Great rocky fields and Ivokan savanna where to find centaurs... if you want to find them that is. The open nature of the hills, while making it easier to see incoming predators, also makes it much easier to be seen. Navigating the hills is also very difficult due to a bizarre phenomenon unique to the area. Though no one can explain why, the Moyuk Hills are in a constant state of change; whether from geological or dimensional factors is unknown. Unlike what you may find in the Basalt plains though, this effect is slow enough that it's hard to notice it happening unless you sit down an examine the topography for awhile... but fast enough to have dire effects on adventurers. If you go to sleep in the Moyuk Hills, when you wake up, the landscape will be totally changed; the tree you marked out yesterday as your next destination may have shifted all the way behind you, the pattern of hills having been totally rearranged! Plus, with Felarya's unstable skies... you can only pray that the stars aren't going to lie to you as well. The difficulty in traversing these hills does have one beneficial side effect; it keeps the Rosic Village to the east separated from the dangers to the west. The only creatures that don't seem to have a problem navigating are the centaurs.

In local centaur legend, the Moyuk Hills are part of the "primordial plains". In their myths, Felarya used to have no jungles or mountains, being an endless sea of grass and hills where the centaurs reigned supreme. Then, some unknown entity planted down the trees and placed down mountains: the Moyuk Hills was the only area left of this original grassland. The entity apparently took pity on the centaurs, who had their range so reduced and caused the hills to always change, so the centaurs would always have a new land to explore.

Rosic neko village

Danger: normal
Inhabitants: Under construction

  • credits to Silent eric for the Rosic neko village idea and to to Jaette-Troll for writing the description of the Moyuk Hills.