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Danger: Hazardous
Inhabitants: shadow fishes, swallower walls, darkness elementals, mutaboks, earth mouths, barrismogs, charybdons, earth elementals

The underground of Felarya is a little known and mysterious world beneath the world. It's a harsh and hostile place, almost perpetually plunged in absolute darkness and inhabited by worms, burrowing monsters and the gods know what monstrous creature and creeping abominations. Some people make the mistake of assuming that the underground of Felarya is mostly safe because there is very little words transpiring on what is going on there, but those who have studied it knows some of the creatures roaming the depths of Felarya could give nightmares to a demon. Some civilizations conducted in the past various projects of digging tunnels networks beneath the surface of Felarya, as a way to connect cities and avoid dangerous trips through the jungle, and most of them were urgently abandoned at some points, with the entrance being condemned and quickly forgotten, and the sudden and fresh conviction that the jungle is not so bad after all.

There is many richness to be found in the Felaryan underground though, precious metal, gems and jewels of all kinds found nowhere else, as well as hidden wonders, such as vast and silent underground lakes with subterranean beaches and cathedral of crystal of unspeakable beauty.