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Some of the creatures found on Felarya. A larger version is available here

Over the years, many biologists, cartographers, zoologists, and botanists have risked their lives in the perilous jungles of Felarya in order to map the incredibly varied, strange, and deadly fauna of that world. To this day, this picture is very far from complete, with some entire regions of the continent remaining unexplored, but their courageous efforts allow those who venture in Felarya to be more prepared for what awaits them. Some of their names have became legendary over the years, such as that of Ladimus Ehrinejahr (famous biologist who discovered many species), Hildite Margeli (known for her very extensive work on Carnivorous plants), and Zeko Mox (known for his research on tonorions).



The Felaryan fauna is composed of many species coming from many worlds which makes it very varied and unpredictable. Generally Felaryan fauna is agressive, much more so than the fauna on other worlds. The healing effect of the Felaryan soil creates a system where animals are bolder and more opportunistic because, unless they suffer very serious injuries, most wounds will heal up as good as new in a matter of days. This creates very intense and active predation all around, and many adventurers who are walking through the jungle of Felarya for the first time are surprised about how relentless the fauna is in its attempts to devour them.


Felarya possesses a wide variety of plants. Some of came from different worlds and prospered on Felarya over time. Some are dangerous, but some can be very useful. Seasoned adventurers know that good knowledge of the local flora is vital to have before venturing out in to the jungles of Felarya.