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Remarkables landmarks and monuments found across the land of Felarya.

Serrakmos statue

This large and seemingly very ancient statue of a man riding an armored griffin can be found on the nothern bank of the Jadong lake, near the Jungle of perils. There is nothing around the statue, except wild vines and plants, yet on its base, an inscription reads: "I am Serrakmos VI the Immortal, King of Kings, and Scourge of the Gods. Look around at all I have made, and tremble before my power!"

Tomb of Unknown Adventurers

A white structure carved into a massive rock boulder, situated east of Negav. It's rather simple; just an ornate entrance with beautiful bas-reliefs engraved around it. It was actually a crypt, but it was sealed off long ago, and no one knows who it was originally for. The building is now widely seen as a memorial to all adventurers who came to Felarya and have fallen. Many adventurers show their respects to the comrades they've lost by writing their name on the walls of the boulder, which are now entirely covered in memorial graffiti. The tomb is situated just at the edge of the The Isolon Eye's average influence, and adventurers know that once they pass it, they will be in danger of becoming one of the names. So they make sure to be well prepared and say a quick prayer before going off to find their fortune... or a stomach. The Inn of Heroes has been built inside a smaller boulder just next to the tomb, and is a renowned stop before making the big leap into the unknown, or before coming back to the safety of the civilization.

Altar of Zamamura

A large stone slab on top of a small hill in Misty glade. It looks very old, the hard stone being cracked and eroded. It is said the slab was used in ancient times as an altar to sacrifice people to an entity called Zamamura, to quell down a gigantic storm that ravaged the region for years. In other words, it was a plate. Stepping on it now is supposed to be safe, but not really advised nonetheless; it's like challenging Zamamura to come back and, in Felarya, you never know. Those who have tried speak of an unnerving impression of being watched by something very big and very hungry.

The Grasswaves

In the middle of the great rocky fields, south of the Orelosk plateau, stands a group of strange and remarkable vegetal formations. They look exactly like huge waves made of grass and leaves that are somehow frozen in place. They extend to several miles before returning to the characteristic plains terrain of the region. Nobody know their origins.

  • credits to Silent-Eric for the tomb and statue idea.