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Hello visitor. Thank you for taking an interest in my profile^^ I am still getting used to using the Wiki format, but i think i will get the hang of it soon. I have been writing about Felarya since late 2006 (dec)and i happily continue to develop this feral world with Karbo and the wonderful community that has been developing on DA. Feel free to ask me about my writings or the characters I have created, by sending me a note on my DA accountI am always happy to receive comment and critique there as well.


  • The Jungle Bowl (TJB)this story follows the lives of the people living in The Bowl
  • Felaryan Folly this story is still in pre-production.


  • characters from TJB
    • Cypress
    • Gwen
    • Kahla
    • Jack Harbin
    • Jhon Gallenfreed
    • Rallah
    • Rathin
    • Shallandra
  • Characters from FF
    • Lara Gallenfreed
    • Morgana Lovecraft


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