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This Wiki has been made to collect, list and order information about the fictional world of Felarya created by me, Karbo, in order to create an encyclopedia easily usable by artists and writers, where to find solid reference materials on various aspects of the world.

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And WARNING: this document contains strong vore references and some pictures depicting nudity.

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The World of Felarya


A good portion of the only known continent of Felarya. The full picture can be seen here: [1]

NEW! The map can now be explored through a clickable, interactive map, made by E-akahele. You can view it here.


Felarya is a strange and immense jungle world, situated at a crossroads between dimensions, which makes it unstable. Lots of odd things happen there. For one, random worlds often connect themselves to Felarya for no apparent reason. For example, let's imagine you see a shimmering desert in the middle of the Felaryan jungle. You step on it and as you do, you change worlds, and if you step back, you are instantly returned to Felarya. However, when you come back one day later there is nothing left but jungle; the world has "disconnected" itself and returned to its previous state. It's likely its inhabitants didn't even notice the process unless they saw this strange jungle that wasn't there yesterday. Several types of connection have been categorized so far. Their duration is very random, but rarely exceeds a few hours. However, some places exist in Felarya that are originally not from this world; they have been "absorbed" during their connections and never returned afterward. Still, these places can return to their original state at any moment, much as a volcano could awaken, and so vanish suddenly. Felarya itself is rarely fickle, though, and stays somewhat stable. There is still a chance that an original part of Felarya might suddenly vanish to another world, but it's a low probability, one in several billion.

Felaryan Ground

Felarya is known across many dimensions not only for its strange dimensional particularities, but also for its legendary treasures and its greatest wealth: its soil.

The ground of Felarya is a wonder that cures most diseases through simple contact. It revitalizes living beings and grants a sort of immortality to them, though not invincibility. In short, you won't age, and your body won't be damaged by the passage of time. Moreover it acts as a greatly boosting supplement to an organism's own immune system. It is practically impossible for microbes such as bacteria and viruses to infect living tissue. Thus you won't die from illness as long as you are on Felarya, and any non-lethal wound you sustain will completely heal in just a matter of weeks or days ! Likewise, creatures who have spent a long time on Felarya or were born there tend to grow taller than their off world counterparts.

However, while the soil can help guard against some types of harmful things, there are those it cannot. Among these are parasitic and fungal infections, poisons, venom, curses, hexes, and morning breath. Rumors of some drawbacks to these effects circulate as well. For some reason, the Felaryan soil prevents the use of any form of necromancy. Interestingly, the soil of Felarya will lose 80% of its regenerative ability when outside of Felarya, no longer granting immortality. Fragments of the soil are still powerful healing ingredients though, keeping their healing properties for years or even decades depending how long they were in contact with the rest of the soil.

The water in Felarya is magical as well, as flowing rivers dissolve a lot of minerals from their beds, which means that their waters contain a significant amount of magical soil. Thus the water possesses a similar, though weaker, healing effect. An interesting implication is that it means humanoids drinking water in Felarya become, in a sense, magical as well. That's because of the fact that the human body is mostly made of water, so if you drink some magical water then some of the water you are made of is now magical water. Moreover, the human body incorporates minerals from the food and water consumed into bones and teeth. Because of this, people who have lived on Felarya for any length of time start getting magical elements incorporated into their bones and teeth; the longer they live, the more magical they become. Some of the longest living humanoid beings in Felarya have bones that are totally made of magical elements. The consequences of this are unknown, but it's safe to assume it makes such creatures more magically potent. A common theory is that the Sagolians became a society of magic users because they lived for a long time on the banks of the Shard river and Jadong lake, which are both heavily magical.


This fabulous property of Felarya, along with the fantastic treasures it holds, is the reason why countless adventurers and explorers from many worlds keep coming to try their luck, and why many have attempted to conquer and colonize it. They all failed though, because of Felarya's extremely dangerous environment. Indeed, Felarya is classified as a category 9/10 world on the the Galfam-Abh MURCOWIH scale (MUltiversal Research Center on Worlds Inhabited by Humans), making it even more dangerous than, for example, the Insectomorph-infested mining colonies of Tau Borghula V !

Felarya is home to a wide variety of wild animals and dangerous beasts: carnivorous apes, flying squids, dimensional trappers, crystal dragons, kensha beasts, stormseeker, tonorions, and vortex tigers, to name just a few. Most of these species weren't originally from this world, making the Felaryan fauna very varied, strange, and often unpredictable. A good portion of vegetation and plant life is deadly as well; from poisonous creepers to a huge variety of carnivorous plants.

The main danger though, comes from giant hybrid creatures such as: nagas, dridders, centaurs, harpies, etc.. They are clever, agile, and voracious, used for the most part to feed on humans and small creatures. Some of these predators, such as fairies, are organized a well, and proficient magic users. Lastly there are the guardians of Felarya: mythical creatures with god-like powers capable of wiping out entire armies in an instant. They are the main reason why Felarya hasn't been conquered yet, but they appear extremely rarely, only when something is threatening the very balance of the world. The vast majority of Felaryan forms of life are carnivorous and, for some reason, seem to have developed a liking for swallowing their prey (mostly adventurers) whole and alive!

Felarya's dimensional plane

Because of Felarya's strange nature, an assault launched by some advanced race trying to nuke it from space wouldn't work, as Felarya actually has no "space." The world is contained within a "self-plane," meaning that if you fired a rocket from Felarya's ground into space, the rocket would exit Felarya at a certain point and enter a regular, but random, dimension of the universe, probably one with which Felarya is currently connected. In short, you can't target Felarya from space because it is just not there. The only way to do it would be to fire randomly into space and hope the shot would pass through a dimension currently connected to Felarya and hit it from there. Assuming that the universe is infinite, the chance of this would be one in... infinity. Needless to say this particular feature of Felarya has generated a vast amount of different, and sometimes fancy, theories on the physics of the world among scientists.

Dimensional Portals

In the universe in general, dimensional magic is seen as a rare and strange type of magic, that few beings can use due to its difficulty. After all, we are speaking of forces capable of twisting and distorting the fabric of reality. In Felarya however, this type of magic is much more common and, admitedly, easier to use due to the world being at such a crossroads between dimensions and thus, more malleable.. An entire class of spellcasters specialize in dimensional magic. While it's still a hard and dangerous discipline, portal-crafting is an easy task for them. A portal is like a two-way door from one place to another, that cross the boundaries of time and distances. Using a portal is the most common way to enter or exit Felarya and is generally safe, though, the maker of the portal can place certain restrictions on it. For example, "If King Quetzoal III ever crosses this gate, send him to Hell, but send all others to their normal destination," is a viable command a portal maker could place on their portal ! However, if the portal maker were to die then the portal would close, aside from a handful of cases where the maker was powerful enough to keep their portals open even after their death. One peculiar portal is the great dimensional gate near Ur-Sagol. This portal is so perfect that it's a real enigma in and of itself.

Living in Felarya

For a human, surviving in the wilderness of Felarya is extremely hard and dangerous, though not impossible. One can manage it through their perfect knowledge of the fauna, constant danger-awareness, incredible reflexes and solid luck. A few even manage to befriend sentient predators and live with them. Most humans or semi-humans however, live in cities across the continent such as Negav or Chioita city where they have built thriving communities. Those settlements are either very heavily fortified, hidden or protected one way or another. Many of their residents manage to live long and relatively peaceful lives in Felarya there, despite all of its perils.

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