Torpaline coast

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Arthronodes scuttling around on the beach

Danger: normal
Inhabitants: arthronodes, airgles, mermaids, Sea Krait nagas, nekos

The Torpaline Coast is the western shore of the Topazial sea, stretching from the Jewel river estuary in the north, to the waters around Vylkren's Horn in the south. Prevailing north-westerlies beat fiercely against the hard shores of the southern Basalt plains, and millennia of erosion has carved out all but the hardest of the rock. The scattered small islands and treacherous shoals they leave in their wake are dangerous to navigate. Powerful winds and waves crash relentlessly on those blue-grey sand beaches. From the Basalt Plains, wind and waves wash the coarse dull sand to the north, forming beaches and mixing with the softer rock underpinning the Moyuk hills.

Between mountains of fire in the south, and ice in the north, this spit of land, many times longer than it is wide, supports a vast and flourishing deciduous forest. At its mid-point sits the Rosic neko village, nestling at the foot of the Moyuk hills. Small rivers and gentle streams run past their village down to a shallow, wide bay with small islands where the nekos love to fish and perform. It is rumored that a Sea Krait Naga lives here, a close friend of the village's nekos. North of that bay, the sedimentary sandstones contains many fossils, some of them giant, and some eternally inside the bellies of the larger ones when they died. Those beaches also seems to have served as a cemetery of sort for gigantic tortoise-like creatures in ancient times, for many titanic and empty shells lie there, often reclaimed by the lush vegetation.

  • credits to ambrose-euanthe for writing the description of the Torpaline coast.