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Karbo : I changed a few things.. I prefer to not have the alliance mentionned yet as it can be confusing and I prefer to not have such phrases as " All around the People of the Bowl are actually one of the largest forces to be reckoned with in Felarya"

Mostly because the map is just a tiny portion of Felarya which is really immense in its whole lot. So it is a bit a hasty thing to say ^_^; Also having the bowl being a safe-heaven plus a powerful community seems somehow in excess to me.

I'll try to explain my point of view ^^

I think power should come at a price : for example a very well fortified and untouchable city but where people has to keep a strict train of life with military training etc..

People of the bowl leads a carefree, safe and sereine life under the protection of Cypress, which is quite a great luck in Felarya. As I see it, they sure can have advanced and powerful weapons to defend themselves, but to the point of being one of the strongest force of Felarya is.. too much I think... I don't know how to translate properly what I have in mind... it would be "too easy"

Also having the technology having a hidden but tangible edge on the nature aspect that Cypress represent would be a bit of a pity I think. One thing I especially and immediatly liked about the bowl was this whole idea of a community founded on nature. Having it as a sort of facade for a underground technologic part can raise some questions, for example how Cypress would react to it ? Having her people rely more on technology, something un-understandable for her, then on her could maybe hurt her no ?

But here I feel I somehow step on your ground so we can discuss that further with notes if you wish :)

Karbo : I admit I am not too fond of the name "moutain labyrinth".. maybe a bit too generic.. I am not sure what could replace it for now so if you write the zone, I may transfer it later to another page with a new name.

Not a big deal, just to let you know :)

( wish there was an option to change page title >< )

hmmm well it was more of a descriptive title...that's just what Gwen referred to it as.... we could change it easy^^ ...though to what i have no idea ^^; and the page isnt created yet, that link dosnt go anywhere yet^^

I put back "didn't vanish" in the beginning because I thought it sounded a bit funny otherwise ^^;

Also I thought mentionning that the bowl is far east from the great tree and Ur sagol seemed a bit off because it's really very very far away..

It's okay. While the sentence "A vanishing land that didn't." is a valid sentence (at least I think it is), it's also a funny little self referential sentence that was my attempt at being clever. :) As for the location, the original sentence was "...placement between the mountains and the great swamps ( much more to the east of the map )", so I was trying to give the Jungle Bowl a reference point in relation to the map of Felarya, without mentioning the map by name.--Oldman40k2003 16:32, 5 December 2007 (PST)