Shimmering sea

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Danger: Normal
Sub zones:
Inhabitants: mermaids, alguanes, harpies, seagull harpies, bejeweled serpents, gulper eels, humans, Chlaenas, Cecaelias, angler seaweedles

A large sea situated to the north-western edge of the main Felaryan continent. It was aptly named for the deep, rich blue of its waters, appearing to shimmer under the sun like a jewel. From the gentle waves lapping at the white shell sand beaches of the Myrodia coast, to the frigid and freezing shores of the Imoreith Tundra, to the fierce crashing waves upon dangerous coral reefs close to Iracal Island, the water will always retain its pristine blue color. However, its name comes even more from those majestic crystalline formations emerging here and there from the water, glittering in the light, almost blinding for the onlooker at certain times.

Those crystal are ranging anywhere from a few feet high above the surface, to enormous size, forming gleaming columns towering at a few hundreds feet tall for the most gigantic of them. In most case, the largest part of the formation is actually situated below the surface, and sometimes just below it, creating a great danger for boats. Some small crystal-encrusted floating islands also dot the sea, making navigation in the shimmering sea a dangerous business, only fit for veteran sailors who know their way through the treacherous waters, or for extra-resistant ships. A lot of wrecks of broken vessels lies in the ocean floor or around the crystal formations, making for some interesting treasure hunts or lures to bigger predators. For some reasons, the broken fragments of a wreck start to grow crystals on them over time, becoming unrecognizable for the most ancient of them. The giant predators living within the waters of the Shimmering Sea are not too far off from their cousins in the Topazial sea but when you put a Mermaid from the Shimmering Sea next to one of her cousin from the Topazial sea, you will notice that, due to the cooler waters, the former is built a little more heavily. A large number of Eidoron rocks of various size exist in the area and can be seen floating and drifting slowly above the blue waters and around the Crystal emerging from it.

Islands of the Shimmering sea

  • credits to Walkinbyself and TheLightLost for helping in writing the description of the Shimmering sea.