Mist Elves

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Picture by Bokuman and used with artist's permission. For larger version visit Bokuman's gallery

Mist elves are half-breeds, part elf and part water dragon. They are called elves instead of demi-dragons because they take more of their physical features from their elven ancestors than their draconic ones. However, they have still inherited many attributes from their dragon ancestors. For instance, their bones are stronger than a normal elf's, and they have much better vision. Mist elves have great aptitude for knowledge and learning, but are very prone to passionate emotional outbursts. They are more able to care for others than their water dragon cousins and they are also less lethargic. The average female height is about 100ft while the average male height is 120ft. They have long whitish-purple hair, purple skin, and their eyes are either blue, green, or more rarely, crimson. Some mist elves also possess a tail but this is very rare. Males sport two horns on their brow as a reminder of their draconic heritage.

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