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Majuras are a reclusive community of elves essentially found in Deeper Felarya and further north in the uncharted parts of the continent. Most of them are human-sized, and they tend to be slightly taller and more slender than the rest of their kin, with pale skin and seemingly fragile and delicate bodies. Their most remarkable trait is the slight radiance emanating from their bodies. They can modulate it to a blinding light if they need to, although only for a short amount of time. Majuras form a discreet and mysterious lot, keeping to themselves as much as possible. They tend to live underground, among the roots of the huge trees growing in the region. Because of their proficiency at transmutation and geomancy magic, Majuras have no problem making a home for themselves by carving tunnels beneath the surface. They are also known for their divination abilities, entering long trances that allow them to seek answers in the future. Majuras are patient, cautious and pragmatic, and are seen by other elves as stern and solemn keepers of knowledge and wisdom, watching over many secrets and steadily keeping track and archiving their people's history. Gaining access to this vast wealth of knowledge is not easy however, as the Majuras will only allow those they deem worthy. Majuras are a highly spiritual species, adept at magic and meditation, but they also take great interest in science, astronomy, and studying various aspects of Felarya and its nature. To them, Knowledge is power, and to be ignorant is the most terrible form of weakness. Majuras attach beads into their long hair at each of their anniversaries. Elder members with beads-covered hair are highly revered by their younger peers.