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In Elifga valley

The Gate of Stories

To get to the high Elifga valley, there is one pass that all must take. And in this pass is a small clearing, surrounded by carved wooden poles. While seemingly innocuous, this is a place of great importance and power - The Gate of Stories. It is customary for Jotuns and any other travelers, either in or out of the valley, to stop here and tell tales. This is from the belief that a deity or deities make their home here - they enjoy the stories and will give blessings of luck and fortune to those that honour this tradition.

While many consider this a legend, if an endearing one, others take it very seriously. Some people will arrange parties to take them to the Gate of Stories, where they will spend days reciting an epic tale, in hope of a particularly epic blessing. Others will attempt to find the greatest stories in existence and gather them to tell here. Regardless of the truth of this legend, the Gate is also important as it is sort of a neutral ground - predators and prey, of any religion, take care not to attack each other here. The spirits hate having their stories interrupted.

  • Credits goes to Jaette-troll for the gate of stories idea,