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in 2005 BU, the mage Almikar Potentis cast a very powerful spell of translation all over the continent. Because of the enormous amount of magic in the world, it endures to this day. It allows intelligent beings in Felarya to understand the speech of others as if they were speaking their own language. It's a strange impression: you hear your interlocutor talk to you in a different language but, somehow, those foreign words make perfect sense. However, in some magic-poor zones such as Lamina or Mycoria forest, the spell has almost faded and now barely functions.

There have been a few rare cases of individuals using magic to make their personal tongue indecipherable to others. This has been done almost exclusively by small bands of thieves and pirates, wishing to keep their information secret from those they plunder, as well as any telepathic individuals they might encounter. However, because of the level of magic required, it has the downside of being very hard to reverse, making any form of communication with outsiders impossible, beyond primitive gestures and sounds. Spells that jam or tamper the translation are highly illegal in Negav and can get you in big trouble if you are caught using them. One should keep in mind that the spells doesn't speak for you though. If you make errors or poorly convey a notion, your interlocutor will hear it as such. Learning to properly speak a language while under the effects of this spell is also extra difficult, as it makes mistakes less obvious. Written languages aren't affected at all however, and thus they remain the favored mean of communication among factions that wish to keep to themselves and to retain their secrets. For that reason, translators aren't out of business on Felarya; they just specialize in writing.



The Nukian is a popular sign-based language used by adventurers in Felarya. It uses quick manual communication and body language to convey simple, but sometimes crucially important informations, when silence is a question of life or death. It was first introduced in Felarya by Nukimons warriors and progressively spread out, because of its ease of use.