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The name "far lands" refers to a large region west of the continent, past the Akaptor desert and Lamina.

Very few are the people who went there and came back to the civilization to share their tales. The few who did speak of a strange damp and steamy jungle where trees and vegetation grow alongside countless crystalline formations of all size and shapes. Large white crystals pierce the canopy here and there, creating a wondrous and surreal landscape. Furthermore, traveler’s describe immense crystalline spires called Crysenthals. They dwarf even the tallest trees, soaring toward the grey sky and disappearing in the clouds.

The jungle of the Far lands grows on an uneven and hilly terrain of moss-covered canyons, ravines and cliffs. What exactly can be found here is largely a mystery and the stuff of legends. There are rumors speaking of fantastical beasts, of moving rocks, crystal-covered nagas, large crystalline butterflies, mini black holes appearing out of nowhere and sucking in any nearby creatures...

Magic in the Far lands is said to be wild and unpredictable, making the job of any spell-caster considerably more difficult and more dangerous. Some spells will supercharge for no apparent reasons and unleash a torrent of magical energies on both the caster and their target, or just fizzle out. Primordial Magic is somewhat more reliable in the Far lands, as the region is a crossroad of several major ley lines, but it takes a very seasoned mage to be able to wield it.

Even non-magic users can feel that magic coursing through the ground and it's not uncommon for it to heavily mess with the senses of creatures who are not used to it.


Large crystalline towers litter the forests of the Far lands, towering taller than even the local trees. These crystalline spires, however, have mysterious properties not found in any other minerals. Their interior appears to be made of a strange mix between mineral and somewhat organic materials, not unlike some sort of chitin. Moreover, when pieces of the crystal are taken off of the spire, the exposure to air result in a spectacular and immediate re-crystallization, effectively "plugging" the hole.

Crysenthal very slowly grow. They expand outward every so often, but extends vertically more quickly. Nobody knows how deep the crystal's base goes beneath the ground.

Approaching a Crysenthal doesn't carry any immediate danger. however staying too long next to one, or worse, touching it, will somehow make the spire "notice" you. After ten or more minutes its surface will progressively become softer which should be a signal to leave its vicinity at once. If that warning is ignored, the surface of the Crysenthal will move and expand to engulf the being at its base. It's not a very fast move, but it could definitely take someone by surprise. If even one limb become caught, the Crysenthal will slowly grow around them, encasing the captured creature in Crystal and effectively "eating" them. The prey is then pulled further in and their body slowly dispersed and more or less "digested" into the object, which merely continues growing as if nothing ever happened.

  • credits to Archmage Bael for many ideas to develop the Far lands and the Crysenthals.